Repair – Maintenance of Tankers – Tanks

The Lyginos GP

In addition to the construction of tanks, it also undertakes any kind of repair related to the tank vehicle, as well as its equipment:

• Repair of tank cracks.

• Repair of internal fuel communication in the tank compartments.

• Repair of tank – frame – subframe support bases.

• Repair of tank support on a vehicle.

• Repair – replacement of tanker equipment.

• Replacement of screws – nuts.

Replacement of anti-vibration rubber gaskets.

• Replacement of fuel unloading hoses.

• Repair & replacement of load pump and fuel gauge.

• Pipe network repair.

• Various crashes.

Repair – Maintenance of LPG (Gas) Tanks

The maintenance works of LPG tanks undertaken by our company are the following:

• Hydraulic test of a gas tank (in collaboration with a certified engineer).

• Gas free tank.

• Internal inspection of the tank and its cleaning from the rust residues left by the LPG.

• Repair of any leaks.

• Replacement of LPG tank locking cap.

• Replacement of bolts and waterproofing gaskets.

Optional tasks:

• Wing replacement.

• Replacement of rusty parts or their repair (eg cabinets, frame, screws, hose holders).

• Replacement of hoses and accessories.

• Replacement of optional equipment.

Indicative LPG Tank Maintenance Projects

Βυτία Μεταφοράς Υγραερίου Βυτία Μεταφοράς Υγραερίου

Tank Repair – Maintenance Procedure

1. Appointment

Before bringing your vehicle to our facility for the repair or maintenance of the tanker or tank, contact us to schedule your appointment, at least 3 days earlier than the desired date.

There is a check in the points that you will indicate to us, but also in the whole superstructure in general. Once the problem is found, the repair is costed.

2. Necessary Documents

On the day of the Audit as you submitted:

• Vehicle registration

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