Liquid Fuel Tank

Κατασκευή βυτίων Υγρών Καυσίμων, βυτίο υγρών καυσίμων
  • Use: Fuel transport
  • Tank material: Aluminum, stainless steel, iron
  • Tank shape: Round, rectangular
  • Vehicle type: single, triaxial, four-axle, seated, sliding
  • Tank capacity: 1000-45,000 liters (depending on the dimensions of the truck)
  • Tank Compartments: 1-11 (depending on the capacity of the tank).
  • Equipment:
    • Aluminum piping
    • Pipe sleeves
    • Piping protection cabinet
    • ADR certified tanker equipment
    • Climbing ladder at the top of the tank
    • Anti-slip corridor
    • Roof railings
    • Mudguards

Optional Equipment

The optional equipment for the fuel tank and your vehicle, makes your daily life even easier, improves the appearance of the vehicle but also increases the safety levels:

  • Certified ADR lighting system
  • Toolbox
  • Certified rear guard
  • Certified side protection (protective cyclist)
  • Two plastic blocks
  • 3M reflective tapes
  • Fire box

Technical File

Upon completion of the construction and delivery of your liquid fuel tank, you will receive a technical file containing the following documents:

  • ADR Certificate.
  • Certificate of initial inspection of a tanker vehicle transporting dangerous goods (Technical University of Patras).
  • Welding certificates.
  • Welders’ certificates.
  • Certificates of materials final design.
  • Mooring study.
  • Lateral stability study ECE R 111.
  • Vehicle technical inspection card.
  • Tank quality control (radiographic control – hydraulic test).

Process – Liquid Fuel Tank Construction Stages

1. Dimensions & Capacity

Based on each type of vehicle, we determine the dimensions and capacity (always in consultation with the engineer).

2. Choice of Construction Material

The material is chosen by you (iron, aluminium, stainless steel), with priority being given to its quality in accordance with ADR specifications.

3. Equipment Selection

Selection of suitable and always certified equipment. The equipment is always accompanied by the appropriate certificate.

4. Offer

Once the above are determined, we present you our offer and after accepting it, the construction of your liquid fuel tank begins.

5. Stages of Tank Construction

1. Tank configuration, according to the dimensioning.

2. Welding of sheets and baffles.

3. Construction of tank support bases for the vehicle.

4. Installation of equipment.

5. Construction of pipeline network & installation of pumping station.

6. Manufacture and installation of optional equipment (agreement with the customer).

7. Construction inspection by the ADR (Technical University of Patras – Ministry of Transport) and hydraulic testing.

8. Delivery of mechanical design and study of the entire construction. It includes the certificates of materials and equipment and welds, as well as the operating license of the company and its ISO.

9. Final version of type approval, which is unique for each construction.

6. Optional Services

Optionally and after consultation, we provide you with the following services:

1. Volumetric tank measurement

2. Litre measurement and meter sealing

3. Electrical work

4. Painting

Our Works

Liquid Fuel Tanks 1000 Liters

Liquid Fuel Tanks 2000-4000 Liters

Liquid Fuel Tanks 5000-10000 Liters

Seated Liquid Fuel Tanks

Trucks – Sliding Tanks


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